How to Speed Up Samsung Galaxy S5

How To Speed Up Samsung Galaxy S5 – Samsung Galaxy S5 is a super powerful Smartphone. However, this only makes daily performance increasingly annoying. Like many other Samsung mobile devices, its performance is not very sharp at all times, especially if you have put the phone into the application.

how to speed up samsung galaxy s5

Here is the best way to try patching performance, if the phone is just a very little configuration to your liking.

How to Speed Up Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. Restart or reset your phone

These days, most of us never stop our phones, and proper shutdown is a good way to clean up some grime from the inside between the phone’s cogs. If this does not work, , you may want to reset the phone to the factory. If this does not work, your phone is really problematic.,

  1. Limit background

You can manually select the number of processes / applications running in the Samsung Galaxy S5 system background. Having a lot of this is one of the main reasons Android phones are slowing down. To limit the number of allowed operations, the developer mode must be activated. It provides additional settings for ordinary people not given access.

  1. Turn off battery saver mode

The battery saver mode of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the best way to increase the endurance of the phone. This is very good. However, this also limits the speed of the processor, which can lead to a slight decrease in performance. You can enable and disable Power Saver mode from the notification bar by clicking the ‘More icon’ button at the top left of the screen.

  1. Free up memory

Check the amount of free space left on your phone settings> Storage. What you should see is the miscellaneous files section of this list. This is where you will find applications that use a lot of storage for temp files or large, full half complete downloads. You can remove it from this list.

That’s all some ways How to Speed up Samsung Galaxy S5 that you can try.

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