Star icon on Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android Lollipop meaning

Have you installed the new firmware of Android Lollipop on your Samsung Galaxy S5? After you installed you might notice an unknown symbol on your status bar. The unknown symbol is the shape of star. Do you know the meaning of the star icon? If not, check on this posting, we would like to explain the meaning of this icon.

interruptions android lollipop

The star on Android Lollipop is called as “interruptions” mode. It can be enabled on Android Lollipop settings on Samsung Galaxy S5. If it is set as “important”, the star symbol will appear on your notification bar of Samsung Galaxy S5. This “important” status is also called as “priority mode”. It means, only calls and notifications that you have considered as important would appear on your status bar.

To enable the interruption mode, you can go to Settings from your home screen as explained below:

Go to menu apps->Settings->Sound and Notifications->Interruptions.

To disable the interruption mode quickly, you just need to press once on the volume button and select one from the following modes:

  • None
  • Priority
  • All

Select “All”. And it has finished.

Now, the star icon is disappeared and the interrupt mode is disabled on your Galaxy S5.

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