Steps on How to Copy and Paste on Samsung Galaxy S5

If you have Samsung Galaxy S5, you probably want to know How To Copy And Paste On Samsung Galaxy S5. Below is how you can use these three tools to make life easier when using your Samsung Galaxy S5. The cutting, copying and pasting tool on Samsung Galaxy S5 is effective, simple and powerful, but this feature is somewhat hidden.

How to copy paste on Samsung Galaxy S5

These three features work the same way as on your Windows or Mac computer. When you use cut, copy, and paste tools, you can easily mark and delete words, copy them from text to e-mail, and more. Here are the instructions on how to cut, copy on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

How to Copy and Paste on Samsung Galaxy S5

The best way to copy and paste on the Galaxy S5 is to select the text you want to copy, or paste and press for a long time on the text. After a long time you press the text, you will see the menu bar at the top of the screen, with the option to say everything, cut, copy and paste. After you select the tool you want to use in the selected text or highlighted text, drag the tab to the desired length and then navigate to the list above. If you use this tool while you’re online, you can share text with the Android Share button, or even do a quick search from Google using a search magnifier. Simply drag the tabs through the desired text you want to copy, and finish. Once you have done this, you can simply copy it, and then paste it later with the same pressure for a long time. When you’re in an empty text field, just click a pop-up window to say “Paste” and select Paste to add the text of the selection you copied earlier.

Another option is to select everything, cut to remove sentences and use cut, copy and paste hidden tools in different ways. After a while, you will begin to become a power user of cut, copy and paste feature when it becomes very useful. That’s all the instruction How To Copy and Paste on Samsung Galaxy S5.

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