How to Stop Auto Answer Incoming Calls on Galaxy S5

How To Stop Auto Answer – If a headset plugs in on your Samsung Galaxy S5, and suddenly there is an incoming call, you will automatically answer the incoming call. But, it is annoying if you are on bad mood, so you don’t have any desire to speak.

disable automatic answering

How to Stop Auto Answer on Galaxy S5

The automatic incoming calls answer when your headset plugged in is a feature available on Android OS, which is usually the feature is not activated. So, don’t you realize that this feature is very useful when you are driving a car?

So, if you want to disable this function on your Galaxy S5, you should follow the following process:

From your home screen, open the “Settings” menu. And then, scroll down the options until you find “Applications”. Here you will find “Call” button and tap on it. After that, tap on “Automatic answering”. Remove the tick in the checkbox to disable the function on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Now, if you are using headset and there is an incoming call, the device will not answer the device automatically.

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