Test of battery life in Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

It is reported that Samsung galaxy S6 Edge+ has been tested in term of battery life IFA articles. Overall, the results of the test present that the score of battery life of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is quite good.

As you may have been aware, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ has a relatively bigger display. Its size of display is 5.7″, with Quad HD Super AMOLED running on Exynos 7420 monster chipset. The size of the battery is 3,000 mAh. This size will be able to make up for the bigger screen to light up.

The tests present that the performance of battery of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is above average of standby endurance. According to the test, it can last about 10 days on a single charge.

In term of charging time, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is quite fast. It only needs less than 90 minutes from empty. In addition, the wireless charging is deemed so fast and so liberating by many of the users. In conclusion, the phone will be fully charged in just within 120 minutes.

In addition, the final endurance rating of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is 83 hours, which includes a standby battery draw test. This means that the user of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ can be used as long as three and a half days on a single charge. In case that the user is to use for an hour of each call, web browsing and video playback daily.

If we combine the various interesting specs and features of the phone and the rapidly charge of the phablet, it can be concluded that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ has a good enough battery life.

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