The bug fix of the Galaxy S6 appears, put Google to the punch

A week ago Samsung confirmed the truth and didn’t hide the fact. It stepped ahead admitted that both versions of the Galaxy S6 are experiencing performance problem and promised to release the fix. Hopefully the company will fulfill its words.

Reported by GSMArena, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge users are now able to receive the bug fix, it’s just a week later. The review sample of the Galaxy S6 used by tester hasn’t got the firmware, but the changelog of the G920FXXU1AODG’ is a little bit disappointingly vague. GSMArena reported it makes significant performance changes.

For brevity’s sake the phone has its problem in RAM, with no free RAM from unused apps. So that, the phone is getting slower and slower over time and make forcing apps to crash. The user is able to close apps from the multitasking menu, but it doesn’t work as good as a complete reboot.

The firmware has been released via OTA, so you should get it automatically on your Galaxy S6. If haven’t got the firmware, you can check it manually from Settings > About Device > Software Update > Update Now.

One is interesting from this problem is, when Samsung admitted the issue in its hand, many fingers pointed out to Google.

Android Lollipop has experienced its memory management problems since it was first released in October. In fact, the Android 5.0.1 5.0.2 and 5.1 have failed to fix the issue. Android 5.1.1 with Samsung are working to get both versions of phone in super quick time, it is a potential game changer.

Considering the bug fixes, Samsung seems to have put Google to the punch. Moreover, the Nexus devices are also still suffering the same issue.

However, it is still unknown what actually G920FXXU1AODG brings, because there is no specific information on its reference but “New and / or Enhanced Features”. Considering the size of 138.32 MB, it seems not a significant change. This only includes the primary fixing update, because that’s the priority.

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