The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Issues and Easy Way to Fix Them

As an premium and high-end leading smartphone in the market, Samsung galaxy series has been created effortlesly beautiful with metal and glass body and curved edges in the sides of display, but just like any other smartphone ,it doesn’t mean this smartphone comes without problems that will appear once , these are the common problems probably come up after using your Samsung galaxy S6 edges after few weeks, we give you best solutions on how to deal with this issues.

how to fix samsung galaxy s6 edge issues

  1. Fast charging doesn’t work

    Usually the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will fully charged  in at least about 1 hour and 30 minutes, but some user find thiss not that fast, this problem actually is not about software problem, it rather than charging cable. The faulty batch of the USB cable in Samsung can make the way to users, what you need to do is just unplug the cable from the wall charger and then you should put it back in properly for the phone to charge at the usual speed,if it doesn’t work you suppose to pick up a new cable.

  2. Your Menu botton is miss

    There are some applications which  can detect that the phone you have been using. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is equipped with a physical menu button implementation and delete  the in-app menu/more choices button “three dot button in top right corner ”from the application. The previous Samsung Galaxy series such as  the Samsung Galaxy S5 permit to access the menu with  long press of the home button, that is not the case, there are some applicatios even don’t have key’s menu with the Galaxy S6 Edge+.The  Samsung Galaxy S6 onwards, including the Samsung  Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the menu button access is provided with a long press of the back button not a home button.  There are  Some users find this does not work with choose applications. If  you need these applications to be updated  be a permanent fix, there is a temporary workaround provided. Please go to Settings – Accessibility – Dexterity and interaction – Assistant menu, and deactivate  the Assistant menu. Tap on Edit would give you the choices for what  functions you desire  included. The more choices is choosen here, there will be now be a floating button on all screen, that would include the More choices/Menu button, and can use in the various applications where you faced as an issue previously.

  3. Problems with disturbing notifications and vibrations

    There are some users who  find their phones to continuously have a notification alert and vibrates on the same time this is even happen so often in every few minutes, eventhough the duration between incidents seems to different from one user to another, how to handle this is you head to Settings – Accessibility and please check if the notification Reminder is being activated. Notification Reminder actually  keeps repeating a notification alert till you take action, that is what actually happen in this issue, please turning Notification Reminder off and go Reminder setting, pick and choose certain applications where the reminder has to work doesn’t seem to cause any problems, if you activated for all the applications are where the problems come.

  4. Bluetooth problems

    When a multi-device connectivity problems are concerned, this is going to be an issue  only if  use an Android Wear smartwatch and any other Bluetooth device in the same, just like wireless headphones, you can try to uninstall the Android Wear application to know whether the problem still persists. Unfortunately  permanent fix has not been found, except use more than one device at a time, but in a future software updates would handle it.

    1. Please check the manufacturer’s manuals for the phone and the car and you should reset your connections, makesure that you don’t miss an important part of the connection process.
    2. Please head to Settings – Bluetooth and makesure there is  nothing needs change.
    3. Head  into Settings – Bluetooth delete all of the prior pairings and then try setting them up again from scratch.
    4. Do Guides – Soft Reset, Hard Reset, Wipe Cache Partition then boot into Safe Mode.

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