Tips to enable Spell Checker on the Samsung Galaxy S6

How to enable Spell Checker – If you like writing messages and emails to your friends, colleagues and partners, sometimes you may find one or two spellings error. Actually this is not surprising, because the keyboard is sometimes a bit “hairy” to use.

Spell Checker on Samsung Galaxy S6

Therefore, the spell checker on Samsung Galaxy S6 is available. If the spell checker is enabled, the wrong words will be automatically underlined red. Then, if you tap on the highlighted word, the spell checker will propose the words that you could have meant.

The spell checker on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a useful feature. If you want to try this, we would like to tell you how to enable this feature. Open the menu on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and then open the Android System Settings. Choose on “Language and Input”. You will see the entry “Samsung Keyboard”, tap here and choose “Auto Check Spelling” and then enable this option by the regulator.

Now if you wrote wrong words highlighted in red, you will be suggested for other words.

Hopefully this feature can be useful for you on your Samsung Galaxy S6. But, you need to remember not to trust 100 percent on the spelling correction. Not all words are detected reliably.

Finally, you have known how to activate spell checker on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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