Tips to back up data in Samsung Galaxy S5 through Google Server

Do you know that Google server can back up your data in Samsung Galaxy S5? Utilizing Google server, you can have a security saving to your data, in case your phone is lost or broken.
Google server can back up various data, which include contact, music, movies and photos. Here are the tips to back up the Samsung Galaxy S5 with your Google Account:

  1. Please in your home screen go to Settings.
  2. After that, please go to General.
  3. Then, please go to Backup and Reset .
  4. Please look for the “back up my data” and “automatic restore” boxes.
  5. Please checked it, so that it will automatically back up your data.
  6. The data that can be backed up include bookmarks, Wi-Fi passwords, app data and Google settings to Google’s servers.
  7. Finished. Your phone can automatically backup key data to Google’s servers.

Please note that you need a Google Account to use that feature.
We hope that these tips is helpful for you to utilize various services by Google in your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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