Tips to back up data in Samsung Galaxy S5 through more than one cloud services

It has been broadly understood that Samsung Galaxy S5 is tough. However, there is no phone so tough that it will not be broken, water damaged, stolen, lost, or affected by malware.

To secure the data and everything information available in your Samsung galaxy S5, you need to backup the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Actually, many services like Google Calendar, Google Photos and Gmail use the cloud. What is cloud? Just for your understanding, cloud is the stuff you save is stored on Google’s servers. Fortunately, Google is very good at making sure nothing happens to that stuff.

Saving the data in a cloud is also means to back up the data. However, we always suggest you to make double back up, even with more than one cloud system provider.

For example, if you have valuable memories in Google Photos, it is a smart idea to download them and store them separately, or to duplicate them in a free Flicker account. Doing this, if something bad happens with Google Photos or your account, you would still have your pics.

In conclusion, we always recommend you all to make more than one back up in cloud, so you will get sure that your data are always having a secondary security options.

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