Tips to back up data in the Samsung Galaxy S5 with Samsung Account

Actually, among various processes of data backup that you can do with your Samsung Galaxy S5, you can use Samsung own cloud service.
You can use Samsung account to activate data back up by Samsung Cloud Service. Here are the tips to do:

  1. Please open the home screen of your Samsung galaxy S5.
  2. After that, please go into Applications.
  3. Please tap Settings.
  4. After that, please tap on User and Backup.
  5. Please tap on Accounts.
  6. Please make sure that you are signing with your Samsung account.
  7. After that, your phone will automatically synchronize the calendar, contacts and internet settings to your Samsung account.

These are the tips to utilize Samsung own cloud to save some kind of your data in Samsung Galaxy S5. We hope that these tips are helpful for you.

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