Tips to back up the Samsung Galaxy S5 by copying contacts to the SIM card

This can be considered as the easiest ways to back up the data in Samsung galaxy S5. Copying to SIM card means that you have secured the data in your internal memory to your SIM card.

This process may be very help full. However, in case that your phone is stolen, or lost, and the SIM card is still placed inside your phone, you will lose them together. Hence, backing up your data through SIM card is categorized as the first way top secure your data, before you can use the other types of data security and back up provided by internet server.

Here are the tips to save your data by copying contact to the SIM Card, as follows:

  1. Please open the home screen
  2. After that, please go to Applications
  3. Please tap Contacts
  4. Please tap the three-dot menu icon.
  5. Please choose Settings
  6. Go to Contacts
  7. After that, please tap Import/Export
  8. Then, please tap Export to SIM card
  9. Please then tap on Select All.
  10. Please tap Done and then OK
  11. You have already copy all your contacts to your SIM card.

These are the tips to copy the contact from your Samsung Galaxy S5 to the SIM card.

We hope that these tips are helpful for you.

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