Tips to Disable Auto retrieve for multimedia message in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

In Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the default setting in regard to Multi Media Messages is usually to auto retreive the coming message. This setting enable the user to automatically read or see the cointent of MMS sent by their friends.

However, do you know that this setting can be very dangerous for your phone? Currently, there are so many malicious softwares that can harm your phone once it is open and installed through MMS. For example, there is now a malware named “Stagefright”, which uses the automatic retrieve of MMS messages as the ways to spread across Smartphones.

To improve the security of your phone from malware atack, it is recommended that you disable the auto retrieve mode in MMS seting.

Here, we will let you know the tips to disable auto retrival of MMS messages on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, as follows:

  1. Please open Menu, and then go to the Android Messages app.
  2. After that, please see in the upper right corner as there will be option of “More”
  3. Please select it
  4. Please see that a pop-up menu “Settings” will appears in your screen.
  5. Here, please select More settings
  6. Please select Multimedia Messages
  7. Here, you will se the option “Auto retrieve”.
  8. Please change the slider from “on” to “off”. Doing thisd, you have disabled the automatic downloading of MMS
  9. Your phone is now secure from the spread of malware through MMS.

These tips aims to deactivate the Auto retrieve option within the Android messages app in your Samsung galaxy S6 Edge.

We hope this can help you to improve the security of your phone from Malware attack.

Please have a try.

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