Tips to fix error in Samsung Galaxy S5 “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” error when make call

You may have ever exoerinced that your Samsung Galaxy S5 present a message of “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.” This message means that your Samsung Galaxy S5 crashes or stops working for some reason.

This kind of error is quite annoying for the user of Samsung Galaxy S5. For example, if you are in a call and this error pops up, the call will automatically be dropped. As an implication, the person on the other line may still think the call is connected because the counter continues. There are some report that the most recent update of Android Lollipop 5.1.1 also sometimes experience this kind of errorrs.

There are some causes identified to make this problem. Among others, this problem may occur out of the blue. It sometimes because a text message, regardless if it’s an SMS or MMS, that comes in during a call. Another cause is that the phone app has to load so much information while loading. For example, call logs and hundreds of contacts are the most common information loaded.

Here, we will share you the tips to solve this kind of error, as follows:

  1. Please open your phone, go to home screen and select Apps.
  2. Next, please tap Settings.
  3. After that, please scroll to ‘APPLICATIONS,’
  4. Then, please tap Application manager.
  5. Next, please swipe right to the ALL screen.
  6. Next, plesae scroll to and tap Dialer.
  7. Please tap Clear cache.
  8. Then select OK.
  9. In a while, your phone will reboot.
  10. In case it does not reboot automaticaly, please manually reebot it.
  11. After your phone reebot, please make a call test to see whether your error has been solved.

Here are the tips to solve error during a call in your Samsung Galaxy S5.

We hope this information will help you to improve the performance of your phone.

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