Tips to perform hard reset with key combination in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The users of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge may ever not able to boot the Android operating system in their phone. To deal with this problem, they can perform “hard reset” method, which is a method to make factory reset through a key combination.

hard reset samsung galaxy s6 edge



Here, we will share you the tips to reset Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to factory settings through key combination, as follows:

  1. Switch off your Samsung Galaxy S6.
  2. Press these three buttons together, which are “Power On / Off”,” Volume +”, “Home button”.
  3. Wait till the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vibrates.
  4. Once it vibrates, please let the power on/ off button go, but keep the other two buttons pressed a while.
  5. After a while, a small menu will appear with an entry: “Wipe Cache factory reset” in the screen.
  6. Please press the volume down button to start “Wipe Cache Factory Reset”.
  7. After a while, the Android operating system will get fresh reinstalled.

These are the tips perform factory reset to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge through a key combination. However, please note that data in the phone are deleted due to this factory reset activity.

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