Tips to Save Contacts to Sim Card in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

As you must have known, in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, there are many ways that the users can do to store their phone contacts. Among others, there are ways like to save through cloud solutions, to saver in device memory, to save in the Sim card storage, or to save in the sim card chip.

Save Contacts to Sim Card in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Here, we will share you the tips to save your contacts on the SIM card of Samsung galaxy S6 Edge, as follows:

  1. Please on the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, open the menu.
  2. After that, please opens Contacts.
  3. Please tap the “More”.
  4. After that, please tap Settings.
  5. Please tap on Import / Export Contacts.
  6. Please tap Export.
  7. Here, please select the destination “Sim card”.
  8. Please note that usually only “name and telephone number” can be transmitted to the SIM card.
  9. Please note that more detail information like email address and so on that are usually available and can be saved in the internal memory of the phone or through cloud system cannot be backed up there.
  10. Plasa now choose the Contacts that you want to transfer to the SIM card.
  11. In case you want all of the contacts available to transfer to the SIM card, then please select or checkbox “All”
  12. After that, please tap on “Done”
  13. Plasa wait a while since your Samsung galaxy S6 Edge is now copying your contact from the phone internal memory to the Sim Card.
  14. The phone contacts are now backed up in the SIM card.

These are the tip[s to copy phone contact from the internal memory to the SIM cards of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. We hope that these tips are helpful for you.

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