Tips to Send SMS to a contact group in Samsung Galaxy S5, with Android Lollipop

Do you know that in Samsung galaxy S5, you can send a single text message to an entire group? Of course, this case is if you have several contacts that are assigned into a contact group.

Here we will let you know tips to send a message to a group in Samsung Galaxy S5, as follows:

  1. Please open Android messaging app
  2. After that, please tap in the summary at the bottom right on the pencil button to write a new SMS.
  3. Please look at the bar with “Enter recipients”. There, you will see on the right a small standard profile picture.
  4. Please tap on it. You will be directed to a summary screen.
  5. After that, please select on the tab: Logs; Favorites; Contacts; Groups
  6. Please witch to the tab “Groups” and then select the group you intend to send SMS
  7. You can select the individuals within a group, or select all contacts to a group by setting a tick at the upper left checkbox.
  8. Please note that the maximum contact per group that can be selected is 20 contacts
  9. After that, please tap at the top right on “Finish”.
  10. Now you can write the text of the group SMS and send the message.

These are tips to send SMS to a contact group in Samsung Galaxy S5. Please have a try.

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