Tips to Solve Camera Error in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

If you face a situation that your camera in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cannot be used, and a message of Warning! Camera Error! is displayed, then it should be a very disturbing situation.

To deal with this problem, there are several tips to do, as follows:

Check camera for a technical defect

Firstly, please check if there is a defect in your camera. It is very possible that your camera experience a hardware defect. Please do these tips:

  1. Open the menu.
  2. open Phone app
  3. Switch on “keypad” and type here: *#0*#
  4. Tap on the box “Mega Cam”.
  5. If your camera works is still working in this test, then it means that there is no defect in your camera hardware
  6. If the camera does not work, it means that there is a defect, and you should get your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to be repaired.

Restart Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

It is very probable that your camera error is due to your Android operating system work for a long time without rest. You can solve it simply by restarting your phone.

Clear data and cache in Application Manager

May be your camera app has too much data and cache, hence make it not able to work properly. Please clear data and cache in your application manager by doing these tips;

  1. Please in the home screen, open the Menu.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Open Applications.
  4. Open the Application Manager.
  5. Tap on “All”.
  6. Search in this list a “camera”, and then tap on it.
  7. Here, you will find three buttons: Force Stop; Clear Cache; Clear Data.
  8. Please tap all of them one by one to clear your camera app data and cache.
  9. Hope that your camera may be operational again.

These are the tips to solve camera error in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Good luck

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