Tips to solve problem of no mobile network abroad in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

If you are traveling abroad and bringing your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you will usually face a condition that no mobile network is found. Your display screen usually presents just a sign of crossed circle in display, and you cannot have a dial or data access through your phone.


This is of course a disturbing condition since you need to do many things with your phone, but you cannot use it.

If you face such a problem, we will show you tips to solve it, as follows:

  1. In your home screen, open the Menu.
  2. Next, open Setting for Android.
  3. Next, go to “Connections”.
  4. Tap on “Mobile networks”.
  5. Select the “Network mode”.
  6. Select “GSM only”.
  7. Tap on “network operators “.
  8. Tap Search Network
  9. Your phone will manually look for network operators.
  10. After that, please select the operators that have signed cooperation with your own network operator.
  11. If there are multiple networks, you should try each of them till you can dial in
  12. Do not worry if you select a wrong network since there will be an error message on screen: “Your Sim card cannot connect to this network”
  13. Once you find the correct network, your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will be able to make calls, write messages and surf data network.

These are the tips to deal with problems of no network available when traveling abroad with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

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