Tips to solve problem of no mobile network abroad in Samsung Galaxy S6

Bringing Samsung Galaxy S6 into an abroad travelling, you may face a condition that no mobile network is found. This is often indicated from a sign of crossed circle in display.

Here, we will let you know tips to solve problem of no mobile network abroad with Samsung Galaxy S6, as follows:

  1. Please open Menu and then Setting in home screen.
  2. Please tap in the section “Connections” on “Mobile networks”.
  3. After that, please select in the next submenu “Network mode”.
  4. Next, set here network mode to “GSM only”.
  5. After that, please tap “network operators “.
  6. You can manually look for network operators by tapping on “Search networks”. Please note that some available network operators may have signed cooperation with your own network operator.
  7. If you select a wrong network, you should not be afraid. There will be an error message on screen: “Your Sim card cannot connect to this network”.

These are the tips to deal with problems of no network available when traveling abroad with Samsung Galaxy S6.

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