Tips to Solve problem of Un-Charged in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

There is possibility that due to some unidentified reasons, your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cannot be charged. Of course, if this happens, you will be no longer able to use your phone, as it will have no power to operate again.

Here, we will share you the tips to do to solve the problem when Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cannot be charged, as follows:

  1. Firstly, please make sure that everything is fine with your cable. Please find whether there is defect in your charger cable. Please do it very thoroughly by touching your finger to the cable. Sometimes it may happen that your cable is broken due to some reasons. If that happens, then of course the electricity cannot be transmitted and you cannot charge your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  2. Sometimes the problem of not charged is due to a bent within electric Pin of Micro SD port. Please check by yourself whether your electric pin in Micro USB port is bent. If you find that there is some bent, then you should fix it. You can do it by yourself, but you must be very careful. Electric pin is very sensitive, and some miscalculation in making it straight again may create damage. You can also hire a profesional to fix it. The later is more recommended since it will not take another risk of damage in your device.
  3. There are possibilities that the socket is dirty. It can be due to dust or small pollution. If you find that the slot is dirty, please clean it. You can do it by using a toothpick from the Micro USB connection. You can use alcohol to clean it. Water is not recommended to use in this case. In some situations, a compressed air may also help to solve the problem of dirty slot.

These are the tips to solve the issue of Un-Charging in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. We hope that these tips are helpful for you.

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