Tips to Solve Problems of Getting Slow in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

You may ever experience a condition where your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge reacts slowly while you enter text, scrolling through the menu or using some apps. This may be because some problem in its Android operating system.


Here, we will show you the tips to do to speed up the performance of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, as follows:

Free up the RAM of your phone

Too many application works at the same time may make your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge getting slowly reacts.

Please perform these several simple ways to free up your RAM, as follows:

  1. In the Home screen, please open Menu
  2. Please select the app “Smart Manager”.
  3. Tap on the “RAM”.
  4. Please select “Background Apps”,
  5. Tap on the button “End All”. This will make only the app provided by the Android system that runs your RAM.

Wipe cache partition on your phone

Too many old files in your phone can also make it get slow down.

To deal with this problem, please perform “wipe cache partition” to delete the old system files in your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, as follows:

  1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S6 completely.
  2. After that, press the keys: Power On/ Off; Volume +; Home button, together
  3. Once your phone vibrates, release only the power on/ off button but keep the other two keys pressed
  4. A small menu appears on the screen. Please now mark the entry “Wipe cache partition” with the volume down key.
  5. Please wait a moment, the previously displayed menu appears again.
  6. Select the first entry with “Reboot system now”
  7. Run the command again with a press of the power button.
  8. Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will now reboot in a few seconds.

I hope that these methods can make your Samsung galaxy S6 Edge faster.

Restart your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Your phone may have worked continuously over day and night, hence its performance is getting slow.

It is better if you make your phone get turned off periodically. To do so, here is the ways:

  1. In the home screen, please open Menu and then Settings
  2. Open Device Information
  3. Open the Status
  4. Open the Duration.
  5. Here, please make that every over 240 hours your Samsung galaxy S6 Edge is restarted.

Restore to factory settings

This is the last tips if all of those efforts do not work to make your Samsung galaxy S6 Edge work faster.

Here is the ways to restore the factory settings:

  1. Switch off your Samsung Galaxy S6
  2. Press the buttons of “Power On / Off”,” Volume +”, “Home button” together
  3. Wait till the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vibrates, and then let the power on/ off button go, but keep the other two buttons pressed a while
  4. After a while, a small menu will appear with an entry: “Wipe Cache factory reset” in the screen
  5. Please press the volume down button to start “Wipe Cache Factory Reset”.
  6. After a while, the Android operating system will get fresh reinstalled.

All of those four options are the choices you can do to speed up a slow Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge again. Please have a try if you face such a problem.

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