Tips to solve problems of screen black – LED flashes blue in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

You may ever experience a situation where the screen of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge only shows black and the status LED lights blue. This situation will be very annoying since you are usually no longer possible to operate with the Smartphone.

There may be many causes of this problem. Among other, it is due to errors within Android, but cannot be substantiated, as a rule.

Here, we will share you tips to do to solve the problems of screen black and LED flashes blue in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, as follows:

  1. Please restart your phone by holding the key combination of Power On / Off and Volume.
  2. Please hold the key combination pressed until the flashing blue LED is off
  3. After a while, the Smartphone reboots.
  4. Subsequently, the Smartphone can be used as usual.

These are the tips to solve problems of black home screen and LED flashes blue.

We hope this tips is helpful to you.

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