Tips to test the screen when it does not respond on certain spots in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

If you feel that that some spots on the screen of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge does not respond correctly when you touch it, then we recommend you to make several test to understand what actually happening. Doing this test, you can understand correctly whether the un-responding spot is just your feeling, or there is a serious defect there.

Here, we will let you know what to do to test your screen condition, as follows:

  1. Please open Home screen, and then the Phone app.
  2. After that, please type on the keypad the code of: *#0*#
  3. This code will automatically drive you to Samsung Service Menu. This menu will appear on your display soon after you type the code.
  4. Please watch that menu, as there will be several tiles.
  5. Please note that each tile represents a system test.
  6. Please tap out here on “Touch”, from which you will see a sort of “X” on the screen.
  7. To test your screen normality, please depart with your finger on the display this X and the edge
  8. You will see that that the distance covered is marked in green.
  9. Please paint everything in every place of your display.
  10. If you find that you can paint in every place, then we can conclude that the screen is normal without defect
  11. However, if you find that there are some part of your screen that cannot be painted by your finger, then this means that there is some serious defect in your screen device

These are the tips to verify the Samsung Galaxy S6 touch display to function. In this regards, what you have to do if you find some defect is just by returning your phone to take advantage of your warranty.

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