How to Transfer Files from Galaxy S5 to Your PC or Mac Remotely

How to Transfer Files from Galaxy S5 to Your PC or Mac Remotely – Using AirDroid is an effective and simple way to control your Galaxy S5 via PC or Mac remotely. This app is awesome, because you can transfer files from your computer of vice versa. And also, it can be used for screencasting as long it has root access. The following eplanations will tell you how to use this application.

How to Transfer Files from Galaxy S5 to PC or Mac

Here, we use the Galaxy S5 that work well. AirDroid has three functions: 1) to transfer files, 2) to remote control, 3) for screencasting (Screen miroring) if you have root access. You can enjoy the additional features in the paid version.

Firstly, you need to install AirDroid app that can be downloaded for free in the play store.

After you install, you have option to create a new account or log-in. If you are connected with AirDroid outside the network, you will be prompted to create an account and login again. To connect your Galaxy S5 with the computer, you should log-in or scan the QR code found on the AirDroid application.

Overall, this application gives you an idea of the location of the storage and memory status. In addition, it also gives you the facility to transfer files, manage other things like music, video, missed calls, etc. Another feature of the premium version is you can make a call through PC or Mac directly.

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