Tutorial in Rooting Your Galaxy S5

Rooting Galaxy S5 actually very easy. Practically, Samsung galaxy can be rooted using cf-root and other supporting software. Software for the root can facilitate users in accessing it. That way, users can easily install the applications in the phone which is already rooted.

We do not bear the risk happening in rooting, because we do not give warranty. Here we only give a tutorial. For that, please read it well, and adapts to the type of Samsung Galaxy that you have.

This time, The tutorial I give is the root process which can be done via PC. First of all you need to prepare everything before doing the root process. Make sure that your battery is full. Then you have to download cf-root. If so, please install the driver of your USB. But you can also directly download the Samsung Kies. Then you have to enable USB debugging on your phone.

If you download cf-root in the form of winrar, then you have to extract them first into the form of a folder. Next, turn off your phone, then you have to press and hold the Volume down, Home and Power that will pop up a warning, and then press the volume up. This serves to reboot your phone. After that, you need to run Odin3-v3, 07 contained in the folder that was extracted. If your phone is already in download mode, connect it to a PC with a USB cable. In this case, Odin should have detected the phone.

Next, please refer to Checklist AutoReboot and Option F.Reset Time and the rest do not edit anything. Then in the folder that was extracted you will find the PDA button and then click the CF-Rooted tar.md5 kernel. If you’ve reached this stage, you just have to wait until the process is complete. If completed, you will get a notification. And by itself, your phone will reboot. Once your phone is active again, you will find a menu SuperSU in the Applications menu. You can download Root Checker in playstore to find out whether your root process is successful or not. Easy, isn’t it?

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