How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 Easily

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 – When you buy a locked device, you will get a cheaper price than an unlocked device. However, you will get a cheap price as well when you want to sell. In fact, if you unlock the device, you can get a better price. Give thanks to giving leaks to unlock for free.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5

This code has been known for some time, so if you managed to open it, you can use your device with any mobile operator. The following steps you can follow, after you provide a SIM card:

1. Insert your SIM card into Galaxy S5.
2. Turn off your phone, then turn it back on.
3. Type *#197328640# on your phone dialpad.
4. Select (1) UMTS – (1) Debug Screen – (8) Phone Control – (6) Network Lock – Options (3) Perso SHA256 OFF.
5. Wait about 30 seconds to return to the main menu, by tapping back.
6. In the main menu, you will see the message “Network Lock”, then select (4) NW NV Data Lock INITIALLIZ.

Now, you can open your phone and SIM card. This method is applicable to any Samsung phone. So it would not hurt you to try it.

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