How to upload photos or videos using the Samsung Link in Samsung Galaxy S5

While the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is preoccupied to improve performance features better performance, there is a unique way to make it perform better. For example, you can more easily upload photos or videos that have been taken from the online storage service in a snap using the Galaxy S5 Samsung’s Instant Upload Link.

Samsung Link Galaxy S5
If you are unfamiliar with this feature, it’ll be better for you to read this tutorial from beginning to end.

  1. Tap app from the home screen to start.
  2. Tap the Samsung Link and the next screen. If you do not have a Samsung Link, you can first download on Google Play Store.
  3. On the screen the Samsung Link, tap the Get Started button to continue.
  4. Tap all content.
  5. Read the prompt and press OK.
  6. Tap another option, the icon located in the right corner of the screen (which is represented by three vertical dot icon)
  7. Choose Settings from the sub menu item.
  8. Tap listed storage in the next screen, to sign up to a new storage service.
  9. Tap Add Storage to proceed.
  10. You will see a list of available storage. Choose your storage services, by touching one of the options.
  11. Then you will be asked to sign-in at the storage service you choose. Enter your email and password to log into your storage account. (For example, you choose Dropbox, then you need to enter your email and password to continue the process).
  12. Read first message on the screen, then select Allow. (By touching the Allow button, then you allow the Samsung Link for uploading photos / videos directly in your account. If you press the Cancel button, the content will not be uploaded).
  13. Return to the Settings screen by pressing the Back button / Key.
  14. Enable Auto-Upload by touching the slider to the right side.
  15. Under the 15th Auto-Upload screen, touch the box labeled Drop-down box None to choose storage to select services listed. (If previously you have selected Dropbox, then Dropbox will automatically appear in the list).
  16. In this guide, we use Dropbox as an example. So touch Dropbox to proceed.
  17. Once you have Dropbox, you can choose to touch the ‘Photos’, ‘Videos’ or ‘Photos / Videos’, depending on your wishes for automatic upload.
  18. Auto Set Preferences uploaded by selecting the Auto Upload.

You can also use a mobile data connection to upload. You do this by touching the slider next to Use Mobile Networks to activate it.
So now, you can upload photos / videos easily, wherever and whenever you are.

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