How do I use a Samsung Galaxy S5 as a flashlight?

Today, flashlights have become the need of society. We are all aware of it. But what if happens, we carry is a cell phone. Most of this time is, flashlight app flashes on camera phones. But not with the Galaxy S5, it is very different. Its use is also very easy.

samsung galaxy s5 flashlight

How To Use a Samsung Galaxy S5 as a Flashlight

Here are the steps to make your Galaxy S5 as an emergency flashlight:

  • Hold your finger on the home screen, until the choices appear “Wallpapers” “Widgets” “Home screen settings”.
  • Then select “Widgets”.
  • Slide one by one the list of widgets available, until you find the option “Torch”.
  • Long press on the “Torch”, and place it on one of the slots on your home screen.
  • So, if at any time you need a flashlight, you can simply press “Torch” on your home page, without any open applications. Bright light will appear on the back of your phone.
  • If you want to turn off the flashlight, simply press the “Torch” once again, the torch will die.

This process is likely to be the same, even if you change the launcher, but the list of widgets can be varied. You can try it now!

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