How to Use Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode

How to Use Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode – Now, you do not need to worry about the children often to use your smartphone, because the Galaxy S5 has built the Kids mode for your children. It will save your Smartphone while it’s used by your children.

How to Use Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode

The Samsung Galaxy S5 kids mode provides any attractive Apps that are specially made for children such as: A camera, drawing, karaoke, picture gallery, and video playback app. With the Kids mode, when your children use the camera app, they can add some cute cartoon effects.

How to use the Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode?

In most areas, the Kids mode is not installed completely. Samsung has put a link in the home screen or in the app drawer. You can tap the link to install the app.

Firstly, you need to establish a PIN. It’s used just to manage the Kids mode. Then you should enter your kids’ name and the birthday. Remember, the Galaxy S5 Kids mode is used for one kid’s profile only. Not more than one.

In the default, there are still 5 pre-loaded apps. In the bottom right, you see the two buttons, the first one is for kids mode settings, and the second one is for exiting kids mode. Both buttons needs PIN.

When you choose menu button, you are able to change the settings:

  • Editing profile.
  • Check your kids’ activity.
  • Set the limits of the kids mode usage.
  • Add the existing apps to the kids mode.
  • Add existing features to the kids mode, such as: video, music, etc.
  • Get some apps free of paid.
  • Change the other settings.

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