How to use Selective Focus Mode

How to use Selective Focus Mode – Did you know that there is an amazing Selective Focus Mode on the Galaxy S5’s camera? It allows to focus on the foreground, background, or focus equally across the image everytime you shoot a picture (a DSLR camera or Photoshop in the past only can help).

How to use Selective Focus Mode

Below is a little tips How to use Selective Focus Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5, if you would like to use the out-of-focus result to blur the background and create your subject stand out in the images you’ve taken.

  1. Go to the Apps list.
  2. Select the Camera app.
  3. Hit the How to use Selective Focus Mode-1 button at the right side of the screen. (if you can’t see the button, please hit Settings icon and choose Selective focus to enable this feature).
  4. Select the image on the preview screen where the camera should focus, here you will see a green focus frame once the subject is in focus.
  5. Tap the Shooting button to take a photo.
  6. Then tap the preview thumbnail to edit the photo as you want (at the bottom right of the screen).
  7. Hit the s5-select-focus-mode button.
  8. Select one of the following:
    • Near focus to highlight the subject and blur the background around it.
    • Far focus to blur the subject and highlight the background.
    • Pan focus highlight both the subject and its background.
  9. If you feel happy with the quality pictures taken, please select Done.
  10. Finished.

Note: Selective Focus Mode on the Galaxy S5 works with photos only. You can’t use the feature for videos recording.

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