Voice Guidance in navigation can not be heard while connected to Bluetooth hands-free

Nowadays Google Maps is a beneficial app on Android smartphones to be used as a navigation guide. It is very useful to display your location now and give you accurate time route calculation and information about traffic. So, it is not surprising when most people consider it as a need. If you use Google Maps on Samsung Galaxy S5 together with a Bluetooth hands-free car, you may not able to hear sound of announcements from Google Maps.

voice guidance

In case you want to activate the Google Maps together with a Bluetooth hands-free car, we will show you why the sound can not be heard:

  1. Is the voice guidance activated?

Make sure that you have activated the voice guidance when you start Google Maps on your Galaxy S5. To do this, after you open the Google Maps, tap at the bottom right on three vertical dots icon. You will see four tiles, one of them should be set as “Mute voice guidance”. But if it is not the case you can see “Unmute voice guidance”, and tap on it.

  1. Check on radio, may be the sound is transmitted on radio of the car.

It can happen that the voice of announcement is broadcasted from your Galaxy S5 through the car radio. If the radio is off, you will not be able to hear the voice anymore, so check the radio and turn it on, whether “Bluetooth” is selected as the media.

Those are the possibility reasons of why the voice of guidance navigation can not be heard when it is connected to Bluetooth hands-free.

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